Stepping Up After Fractional: The Next Generation of Business Travel

For decades, fractional aircraft ownership programs have been the go-to choice for individuals seeking a flexible private travel solution. However, as private aviation evolves, the traditional fractional model has left some flyers seeking a more convenient and prudent alternative. This blog explores the benefits of fractional ownership and introduces a solution tailored to the needs of flyers who no longer fit the mold of the fractional model.

The Benefits of Fractional Aircraft Ownership

For many flyers, fractional and membership programs are undoubtedly the best choice for their private aviation needs. Fractional jet ownership boasts numerous advantages, particularly for those flying less than 50 hours per year, such as:

  • Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade aircraft types based on trip requirements, with proportional operating cost adjustments.
  • On-demand flying capabilities, sometimes with as little as four hours’ notice.
  • Capacity to plan complex, simultaneous trips across multiple aircraft and itineraries, albeit with associated surcharges.
  • Access to exclusive VIP experiences at major events, from sporting extravaganzas to premier entertainment spectacles.

When the Fractional Model Falls Short

While the conventional fractional model offers enticing perks for some, it also presents notable frustrations for others. For these operators, the price of flexibility often isn’t worth it, as their trips can be scheduled in advance. In addition, the all-inclusive fee structure frequently means that business jet travelers pay for benefits they neither need nor desire, such as red-carpet events they don’t care to attend.

These frustrations can significantly detract from the overall flying experience. Many operators within this 50-150 hours per year range have something in their DNA telling them there has to be a wiser solution.

Now, there is.

Enter PIA Managed Co-Ownership

During his 40-year career at a major OEM, Mark Molloy noticed a gap in private aviation for operators flying 50 to 150 hours per year. This insight was the catalyst for Partners in Aviation (PIA) Managed Co-Ownership, a groundbreaking program offering the financial benefits of co-owning an aircraft without a traditional partnership’s inherent complexities and risks.

PIA Managed Co-Ownership is a game-changing alternative to fractional ownership, jet card/membership programs and sole ownership–matching two qualified owners to one aircraft and providing the legal structure that allows the access, autonomy, and security private flyers require.

Designed by the industry’s top legal counsel, PIA Managed Co-Ownership is an innovative alternative to fractional ownership, membership programs/jetcards, or current whole owners. Co-owners fly their aircraft on their schedule, with their crew – at half the cost of traditional private aviation options, all under the care of an aircraft manager dedicated to protecting the interests of both parties.

Two Owners. One Aircraft. Half the Cost.

The Benefits of PIA Managed Co-Ownership

Like fractional jet ownership, PIA Managed Co-Ownership clients make an asset investment in the price of the aircraft they agree to purchase. But unlike fractional jet ownership, they split only the aircraft’s operating costs. Because both operators are within the 50-150 hour per year range, each co-owner can access the plane as frequently as if they were a sole owner, but for half the cost.

What else stand out about PIA Managed Co-Ownership?

  • PIA has hundreds of vetted and qualified co-owner candidates nationwide.
  • Developed with the industry’s top aviation counsel, PIA’s legal structure clearly defines every aspect of the aircraft’s co-shared usage from entry to exit. This considers each co-owner’s needs while offering each party access on par with sole aircraft ownership (as much as 25 days a month on average).
  • Co-owners maintain control of every decision made, from approving their co-owner to agreeing on an expert third-party aircraft manager to deciding on pilots and crew.

“When it comes to having the plane when I need it, I am batting a thousand.” – Gary Furukawa | Seattle, WA

“My experience with jet cards had run its course. I’m always asking, ‘What’s next?’. When looking into new options, PIA Managed Co-Ownership provided a sensible ownership solution. I feel like the program was developed with me in mind.” – Matt Wood | Owner of Team Ford and Matt Wood Racing

How Does PIA Managed Co-Ownership Work for Former Fractional Aircraft Owners?

If you don’t want to bear the burden of sole ownership or pay for extraneous expenses in the fractional model, PIA Managed Co-Ownership is worth consideration.


Schedule a time to discuss your mission, get your questions answered, and compare the net hourly cost with your current program provider.


We provide options in all categories (TurboProp through Heavy Jet) and have matches flying coast to coast.


With the world’s largest database of qualified co-owner candidates, we will provide vetted co-owner options for your approval.

Choose a crew and management company you are both happy with; we have partners we’d recommend.


PIA Managed Co-Ownership gives you unparalleled access to your plane – 25+ days a month. That’s access comparable to sole ownership – at half the cost.


Partners In Aviation’s proprietary agreement encompasses the entire co-ownership relationship, from entry to exit. You (and your counsel) work directly with PIA’s legal counsel to ensure co-owners enjoy the safety and autonomy they require.