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A Prudent Alternative to
Jet Cards/Memberships

Don’t just get access to an aircraft, own one – for half the cost.

All the Access.

Without the Excess.

When you joined, your jet card was a premier way to access the benefits of private aviation. Today, the skyrocketing cost per hour, decreased reliability, and inconsistency in aircraft and crew are making you reevaluate. If you’re flying more than 50 hours per year and something in your DNA tells you there’s a wiser solution – you’re right.

EXPLORE THE NEXT GENERATION OF BUSINESS TRAVEL PIA Managed Co-Ownership allows flyers in the air 50-150 hours per year to enjoy private travel at half the cost of other options.

  • Jet Card / Membership

  • Sole Ownership

  • Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

  • PIA Managed

  • Jet Card/Membership

    Highest net-cost per hour

  • Sole Ownership

    Don’t fly enough to justify the cost

  • Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

    Provides some cost offset

  • PIA Managed Co-Ownership

    Cuts capital and fixed costs in half

Why not Sole-Ownership?

Sole ownership offers 100% control but comes with a 100% cost burden. For those flying more than 200 hours per year, it’s the wisest solution. For those flying 50-150 hours per year, nothing beats PIA Managed Co-Ownership in terms of cost per hour and access.


  • Take Back Control

    You make the decisions on your aircraft, your crew, and your co-owner.

  • All the Access, Without the Excess.

    Fly the same trips you fly today – without the cost burden of the jet card infrastructure.

  • Split Your Aircraft Overhead

    Own a fully managed aircraft, but share the fixed costs with a vetted co-owner. You’re going to like the math.

  • Co-Own with Confidence

    Get the consistent experience you expect with the autonomy and security you require. You are protected by a legal structure specific to PIA Managed Co-Ownership.

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“My experience with jet cards had run its course. I’m always asking, ‘what’s next?’. When looking into new options, PIA Managed Co-Ownership provided a sensible ownership solution. I feel like the program was developed with me in mind.”

– Matt Wood PIA Co-Owner | Owner of Team Ford and Matt Wood Racing

How does PIA Managed Co-Ownership

Work for Former Jet Card Users?

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Schedule A Consult

Schedule a time to discuss your mission, get your questions answered, and compare the net hourly cost with your current program provider.

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Choose Your Aircraft

We provide options in all categories (TurboProp thru Heavy Jet) and have matches flying coast to coast.

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Approve Your Match, Crew & Manager

With the world’s largest database of qualified co-owner candidates, we will provide vetted co-owner options for your approval.

Choose a crew and management company you are both happy with; we have partners we’d recommend.

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Fly All Your Trips for Half the Cost

PIA Managed Co-Ownership gives you unparalleled access to your plane – 25+ days a month. That’s access comparable to sole ownership – at half the cost.

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Be Protected By Our Legal Structure

Partners In Aviation’s proprietary agreement encompasses the entire co-ownership relationship, from entry to exit. You (and your counsel) work directly with PIA’s legal counsel to ensure co-owners enjoy the safety and autonomy they require.

4 Reasons Jet Card Users are Exiting their Programs (and where they are going)

With over 250 membership programs in operation today, there is no denying they benefit many travelers. But why are so many now planning to move on? And what flight solution are they considering? Learn more by downloading this complimentary guide.