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There are hundreds of vetted and qualified aircraft co-ownership opportunities across the nation. Is your match waiting?

discover co-ownership opportunities in your area

PIA has the largest database of qualified co-owner candidates in the world. Let us introduce you to the right candidate in your region.

  • Real opportunities to cut acquisition and fixed costs in half

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“My consultation with Mark was informative and not a sales pitch. He provided details about the program and shared specific aircraft opportunities and potential co-owners in my area. By the end of the call, I had the information I needed to compare PIA Managed Co-Ownership to my other options.”

it’s time to think differently about ownership

pia managed co-ownership
  • find the right co-owner

    With the world’s largest database of potential aircraft co-owners, Partners in Aviation simplifies the process of finding, vetting and qualifying aircraft co-owners. You relax, we do the work.

  • split the cost

    PIA Managed Co-Ownership allows you to operate your plane, on your schedule at half the cost. Be confident knowing you made the wisest aircraft ownership decision.

  • get all the access

    PIA’s unique scheduling and sharing format allows access comparable to sole-ownership so you can rest assured that you have your plane when you need it.

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gary furukawa

Gary furukawa | Seattle, wa

“when it comes to having the plane when i need it, i am batting a thousand.”