Keep Your Aircraft - At Half The Cost

We match you to the right co-owner under a structure that protects you, your flight time, and your aircraft – for half the cost of sole-ownership.

You’ve Been Making Smart Decisions Your Whole Career. Here’s Your Next One

Net Cost of Ownership Percentage Comparison

Fractional / Membership

Sole Ownership

Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

PIA Managed Co-Ownership

It's Time to Think Differently About Aircraft Ownership.

Stay in Charge

You make the decisions - on your aircraft, your crew, and now your choice of co-owner.

No Change to Your Lifestyle

Fly the same trips you fly today - at half the cost.

Split Your Aircraft Overhead

Share your aircraft overhead with a vetted co-owner. You're going to like the math.

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Co-Own with Confidence

You are protected by a legal structure specific to co-ownership crafted by the industry's best aviation attorneys.

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What are former sole-owners saying about PIA? This is Rick's Story...

Now’s The Time to Give Half
a Whole Lot of Thought

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