Two Owners. One Aircraft.
Half the Cost.

We match you to the right co-owner and the right aircraft under a structure that provides access comparable to sole-ownership.

Boxed in by Jet Cards and Memberships? Think Outside the Box. Think PIA Co-Ownership.

Net Cost of Ownership Percentage Comparison

Jet Card / Membership

Sole Ownership

Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

PIA Managed Co-Ownership

PIA Managed Co-Ownership breaks you out of the box:

Cut Your Costs

Split operating expenses with the vetted co-owner you choose and the aircraft you choose—for half the cost of jet cards and memberships

Change, For the Better

Continue to travel the way you want, as the co-owner of a fully managed aircraft

Co-Own with Confidence

You’re protected by a legal structure created by our industry’s best aviation attorneys

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The Power of One

Get the consistent experience you expect and the expanded capabilities you want by co-owning your aircraft

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Partners in Aviation Co-Owners Share Their Success Stories

What are former Jet Card owners saying about PIA? This is Gary's story...

Two Owners, One Aircraft, Half the Cost.
It’s Time to Give Half a Whole Lot of Thought

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