Who should consider PIA Co-Ownership?

Current owners looking to upgrade or thinking of selling because of limited usage; Non-owners considering aircraft ownership for the first time; Owners partnered with charter to offset cost; Fractional owners; Flight Departments with supplemental lift requirements.

How do I find a compatible partner?

You don’t need to. It's our job to bring you a compatible partner in your geographic area, and we have the mechanisms in place to do just that. Our viability depends on our success in matching solid, financially capable co-owners. And that’s precisely what our vetting process is designed to deliver.

What’s the difference between co-ownership and fractional?

Although we readily admit that one half is indeed a fraction, PIA Co-Ownership is fundamentally different from fractional ownership. There are only two owners, and the aircraft that you fly is the one you bought — flown by your crew. You pay for half the fixed costs and only your portion of the variable costs. Co-Ownership offers a lower net cost of ownership.

Where did this idea come from?

The idea was born from working with operators who could often afford what they wanted, but did not feel justified in the expenditure, based on usage. The math of a partnership was compelling, but the complications of shared ownership more than outweighed the financial allure. Additionally, there was no easy way to locate a compatible partner. Teaming with best-in-industry providers, PIA has structured a product that makes sense to operators who would otherwise not share an aircraft or consider co-ownership. Once that structure for title, usage and exit was developed, the advantages of cutting acquisition and fixed costs in half came back into focus.

What’s the process for becoming a co-owner?

If you’re interested in exploring whether PIA Co-Ownership might be right for you, contact us for a no-obligation evaluation. If you decide to move forward, you’ll select the ideal aircraft (with our help if you need it), and we’ll go to work finding a compatible co-owner within your geography.

I’m concerned about scheduling. How does it work?

Scheduling is perhaps the most-mentioned hurdle of shared ownership. PIA has developed a plan that allows two operators flying an average of 200 hours per year or less to have all the access they require — without the need to check someone else’s schedule. Or to alter their own schedule when the need to add additional days to a trip arises. Details are included during the consultation with prospective co-owners and their team.

Does your program work with more than two partners?

For a host of reasons, it does not. Sometimes less is more. In this case, limiting our program to two owners ends up being just right — delivering maximum benefits that are sure to please the CEO, CFO and Chief Counsel.

Would I need to buy a certain type or model of aircraft?

No. Our program works with every category of business aircraft. Because “Guaranteed Hourly Maintenance” is a part of the program, it is best suited for new or late-model pre-owned aircraft. By cutting the acquisition cost in half, a new aircraft becomes a viable option.