3 Reasons PIA Co-Owners Thrive Amid Jet Card & Membership Challenges

In the ever-evolving world of private aviation, membership, and jet card programs face financial turbulence, leaving some scrambling to retain customers and avoid bankruptcy. Many flyers actively seek alternatives to traditional fractional and jet card programs. Their motivation is simple: they desire the freedom to enjoy private aviation without being tethered to the health and stability of program providers. Younger companies have entered the game, capturing customers looking for a new alternative. But is there truly a cost-sharing program that protects its customers from the possibility of financial collapse?

The short answer – yes

Enter PIA Managed Co-Ownership: A Unique Approach to Cost-Sharing

Partners in Aviation (PIA) Managed Co-Ownership is a forward-thinking program redefining how light-usage flyers engage with private aviation. The company matches two owners to one aircraft and delivers the lowest net ownership cost in the industry. Co-owners in the program get cost-sharing advantages without the inherent risk of jet cards and membership programs. The model, crafted and perfected by industry experts, gives its flyers access comparable to sole ownership – at half the cost. 

Here are three reasons why flyers switching from jet cards to PIA Managed Co-Ownership are finding security and success:


PIA isn’t a membership model – it’s an avenue to actual ownership. Unlike jet card and membership programs that require users to pay an annual fee for access to hourly flight rates, PIA customers purchase their own aircraft – splitting it with a fellow co-owner. This means they are investing in themselves, not a third-party company.

Partners in Aviation vets and matches co-owners, then its legal counsel provides the structure that allows each co-owner the access, autonomy, and protection they require. 

Note, PIA isn’t providing a fleet of aircraft or personnel dependent on its number of customers like other cost-sharing programs. It instead provides a proprietary structure that allows each co-owner to remain autonomous in tax and title. Clients and their counsel work directly with PIA’s legal team through the process so they can be confident their investment is secure. And because of the required minimum equity positions, co-owners remain protected at all times. The agreement encompasses the entire co-ownership relationship, from entry to exit. 


Historically known for providing on-demand access, convenience, and reliability, jet card and membership programs no longer meet the standard for many flyers. Flight cancellations, postponements, and scheduling snafus have become more regular. With PIA, co-owners have their plane when they need it. 

The program is optimized for clients flying between 50 and 150 hours annually, which provides co-owners access that can accommodate every trip.

“Our clients typically fly three to five days per month, meaning that each owner has access to their aircraft 25-plus days per month — at half the cost of whole ownership,” says PIA President Mark Molloy. “We believe the decisions about your aircraft, crew, and co-owner should be yours.”

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In addition to the co-owner match, PIA counsels clients on aircraft selection and matches them with the appropriate aircraft manager and crew. Unlike other programs, co-owners always know what aircraft and crew will show up – which is how they like it. 


PIA co-owners are paying half of what they previously paid for Jet Cards and membership programs. Co-owners own a fully managed aircraft and share the fixed costs with a vetted co-owner. 

“Most flyers who come to us are predisposed to believe there has to be a wiser solution than jet card or membership programs,” says Molloy. “They understand the math and the value-proposition offered by Co-Ownership, and PIA Managed Co-Ownership provides them the structure and missing puzzle pieces they’ve been searching for.”

net cost graph

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A disproportionate number of jet card and membership users are exiting their programs, and many are turning to PIA Managed Co-Ownership. PIA currently has hundreds of vetted and qualified co-ownership opportunities across the nation. We would be happy to discuss the program and opportunities in your area. 

To better understand PIA Managed Co-Ownership, we invite you to schedule a call. We will offer transparent guidance and help you determine if PIA Managed Co-Ownership is the right fit for your next step in private aviation. 

Fly all your trips – in Your aircraft – with Your crew – at half the cost.

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