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Two owners. one aircraft. half the cost.

We match you with the right co-owner and the right aircraft, providing the legal structure that allows the access, autonomy, and security you require.

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That Makes Sense

For those flying 50 to 150 hours per year, PIA Managed Co-Ownership allows you to fly all your trips – in your aircraft – with your crew
at half the cost.

  • Charter, Jet Card, or Membership
  • PIA Managed Co-Ownership
  • Sole-Ownership Solutions

All of the access. without all the excess.

how does pia managed co-ownership COMPARE TO MY OTHER OPTIONS?

net cost of ownership percentage comparison
  • Jet Card / Membership

  • Sole Ownership

  • Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

  • PIA Managed

  • Jet Card/Membership

    Highest net-cost per hour

  • Sole Ownership

    Don’t fly enough to justify the cost

  • Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

    Provides some cost offset

  • PIA Managed Co-Ownership

    Cuts capital and fixed costs in half

Jet card member or aircraft owner

you have options

Jet Card – Membership Flyers Looking for Better Value

PIA Managed Co-Ownership offers more control and a lower net cost than card and membership programs.

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Current Owners Considering Selling Their Aircraft

Whole Owners can sell half their aircraft and maintain all the access they require. Keep your plane and your crew – but pay for half.

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Former jet card member

Gary furukawa | Seattle, wa

“when it comes to having the plane when i need it, i am batting a thousand.”

  • Two owners

    PIA matches you to a vetted and qualified co-owner who is approved by you.

    Our legal team, in conjunction with your counsel, sets you up for success with a structure that offers security – and autonomy in tax and title.

    Structured Co-Ownership –
    Not DIY partnership.

  • one aircraft

    PIA matches you to the aircraft that best fits your mission and your budget.

    We provide options in the Turboprop, Light Jet, Midsize, and SuperMid/Large categories, and we work with all major OEMs.

    Our guidance –
    But always your choice.

  • half the cost

    PIA allows you to split capital and fixed costs.

    Jet Card and Membership users gain more control at a lower net cost. Existing owners keep their plane, their crew, and all their access – at half the cost.

    All the access –
    Economics that make sense.

pia managed co-ownership

a proven program – tailored to you.

schedule a consult

Schedule a time to discuss your mission, get your questions answered, and see how the numbers compare to your other flight options.

choose your aircraft

We provide options in all categories (Turboprop thru Heavy Jet) and have matches flying coast to coast.

approve your match

With the world’s largest database of qualified co-owner candidates, we will provide vetted co-owner options for your approval.

fly for half

Enjoy access to your plane when you need
it, at half the cost.

Former sole owner

rick mcleod | van nuys, ca

“I sold half my jet. now i have all the access i require at half the cost.”

there are hundreds of opportunities across the nation.

is your match waiting?

it’s time to give half a whole lot of thought.

PIA Managed Co-Ownership matches two owners to one aircraft and pairs them to the appropriate aircraft manager. Owners fly their aircraft, on their schedule, with their crew, at half the cost of traditional private aviation options. PIA also pro-vides the legal structure, designed and vetted by our industry’s top legal counsel, that protects co-owners from the risks of D.I.Y. partnerships, and provides access comparable to sole ownership.

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two owners. one aircraft. half the cost.