All The Airplane, Half The Cost

We match you to the right private jet co-owner and the right aircraft under a structure that provides access comparable to sole-ownership.

Two Owners. One Aircraft. Half the Cost.

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How Can PIA Managed Co-Ownership Help You? Watch This 2 Minute Fly-By

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Maintain the access you require while splitting fixed and capital costs.

Sell Half your Jet

Net Cost of Ownership Percentage Comparison

Fractional / Membership

Sole Ownership

Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

PIA Managed Co-Ownership

By cutting acquisition and fixed costs in half, PIA Managed Co-Ownership provides the lowest net-cost of aircraft ownership while maintaining access comparable to sole-ownership.
Watch our aircraft cost-comparison breakdown here.

Partnerships Have Evolved. Finally, a Structure that Makes Sense.

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It's Time to Think Differently About Private Jet Ownership. PIA Managed Co-Ownership

Half the Cost

PIA Managed Co-Ownership allows you to operate your plane, on your schedule at half the cost. Be confident knowing you made the wisest aircraft ownership decision.

Access You Require

Our unique scheduling and sharing format allows access comparable to sole-ownership so you can rest assured that you have your plane when you need it.

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Protection From Risk

After matching you to a regionally-based, vetted co-owner, we set you up for success with an industry-leading structure designed to protect you from risk.

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Stop Spending More Money Than You Have To 4 simple steps to a better flight solution

1 Schedule A Consult

Discuss your mission, get your questions answered and see how the numbers compare to your other flight options.

2 Choose Your Aircraft

Our team provides options in the light, mid-size and large-cabin categories.

3 Approve Your Match

Using our world’s largest database of qualified co-owner candidates, our team will provide vetted co-owner options for your approval.

4 Fly With Confidence

You have access to your plane when you need it, at half the cost. Feel good knowing you made the wisest aircraft ownership decision.

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What PIA Managed Co-Ownership Customers Are Saying

“As an owner-pilot of a Citation, I knew there had to be a more cost-effective model. I found it in Partners in Aviation. I am now a co-owner of a newer Citation at half the cost. After going through the process, I’m confident this is the smartest way to own.”

Bob Yari Yari Film Group
Citation Jet, LA

“It’s wise to involve a company like PIA that has the structure in place and brings the experts to your side of the table. I have my dream plane at half the cost. What can beat that?”

Chris Scatliff Retired Business Owner
Embraer Phenom, Florida

“My ‘stretch goal’ was the CJ3+, but it was difficult to justify based on my usage. PIA was able to match me with someone to make that goal justifiable. We’ve now ordered a new CJ3+ which I would never have done as a sole-owner. Cutting the acquisition and fixed costs in half allowed me to step up to my ultimate choice.”

Don Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen Technologies, Inc.
Citation Owner, New Jersey
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PIA Clients Come From The Following Segments

  • Jet-Card Club Members
  • Fractional Share Owners
  • 50+ Hour-A-Year Charter Customers
  • Whole Owners Wanting To Sell Half Of Their Plane
  • Owner-Pilots Moving Up In Capability

You’ve been savvy enough to require an aircraft now be wise in how you own one.

PIA Managed Co-Ownership matches two owners to one aircraft and pairs them to the appropriate Aircraft Manager. Owners fly their aircraft, on their schedule, at half the cost of traditional private aviation options. PIA also provides the legal structure, designed and vetted by our industry’s top legal counsel, that protects Co-Owners from the risks of D.I.Y. partnerships, and provides access comparable to sole-ownership. Two owners, one aircraft, half the cost…it’s time to give half a whole lot of thought.

Schedule a free consult today, and stop losing time and money with flying options that don’t work.

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