Introducing Partners In Aviation Managed Co-Ownership

Net Cost of Ownership Percentage Comparison for Your Customers

Jet Card / Membership

Sole Ownership

Sole Ownership with Charter Supplement

PIA Managed Co-Ownership with Charter Supplement

PIA Managed Co-Ownership Benefits:

Cut Clients’ Costs

By splitting capital and operating expenses with the vetted co-owner of their choice, your clients will fly for half the cost of traditional private ownership, jet card, membership and fractional approaches. You’ll both like the math.

Continue the Lifestyle

Your clients and their families will still travel the way they want, as the co-owner of a fully managed aircraft. Our customer success stories back that up.

Counsel with Impact

Enhance your trusted-advisor status by delivering an innovative, cost-saving solution that is fully vetted by the aircraft industry’s top attorneys and tax consultants.

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Consult Confidently

PIA and its team of aviation attorneys and tax advisors will both give you the tools to provide a detailed analysis of the co-ownership advantage to your clients, and will guide you, them and their team every step of the way.

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The PIA Managed Co-Ownership Pedigree

“We developed Partners in Aviation’s Managed Co-Ownership program to provide a critical missing piece to the aircraft ownership puzzle,” shares PIA founder Mark Molloy. “The cost savings and efficiency of co-ownership were abundantly obvious, but the agreements were created in a one-off, ad hoc, and an often daunting vacuum. Working with top aviation counsel, we created a comprehensive legal structure, co-owner vetting approach, and national network of interested, like-minded candidates to match two owners to one aircraft with individual access on par with sole ownership. But at half the operating costs.”

When the program launched, it quickly caught the attention of the aviation press as a news-worthy, innovative solution. More recently, the mainstream financial media, like Forbes and Barron’s, has covered PIA Managed Co-Ownership, bringing the idea to a larger audience. “This national exposure has resulted in the program’s quick growth and acceptance,” Molloy concludes. “The program resonates with family offices, advisors and their clients and families.”


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PIA Co-Owners Share Their Success Story Two co-owners discuss how sharing the skies exceeds their expectations and saves them money.

Two Owners, One Aircraft, Half the Cost... It’s Time for Your Clients to Give Half a Whole Lot of Thought

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